User Interface

Start screen

The following screen shows a typical start screen of TagSpaces with an opened tag library and showing a folder content with the list perspective extension.

Start screen

The user interface of the application consists of the following major areas:

explanation of the applications user interface areas

Location manager

A location is a folder on your local drive, containing files and other folders. Typical locations are for example folder where you collect your photos or folders where you store your documents, ebooks or music.

Hint: Do not choose very large directories such as your home folder as a location root folder, because this may lead to performance issues.

The location manager is implemented as a dropdown, which is allowing you to switch very quickly between different locations. Once opened you will see a list of the currently connected locations. Here you can access the properties of every location, by simply clicking on the button with the pencil icon. You can also add here new locations, by clicking on the Connect new location button.

Location manager

In the location properties you can update the name of the location or change the path to the root folders. You can also select here a perspective, which should open by default on switching to this location. For example on location containing mainly images and photos, you may want to open with image-swipper perspective, offering a preview of the images and easy navigation through them.

With the remove location button you can remove the location permanently from TagSpaces. This operation will not delete your files, but just the connection to them in TagSpaces.

Location properties

Startup location

By default TagSpaces opens the last opened location on startup. You can change this behaviour by switching the switch Startup location in the location properties dialog. It will make this location to open by default on every start of the application. The current startup location is marked with other color in the location dropdown list. In order to activate this functionality you have to switch the option Use default location in the as a startup location in the general tab of the settings.

Folder navigation


  • Opening the navigation
  • General description
  • Explaining the context menu, with the operations

Folder navigator

Alternative folder navigation

Navigation through folder is an essential use case of TagSpaces, that's we have provided an alternative way of doing this operation, in case you have closed the left panel of the application or you are on a mobile device.

alternative folder navigator

Clicking on a folder in the alternative navigator will open a context, where you can execute some basic folder operations and navigate to some sub folder.

Go to previous folder button

Other convenient feature is the so called "go to previous folder" button in the folder navigation area. Which for example can be used to leave your current location and browse files in parent folder of a given location.

go to previous folder button

Tag Library


  • Open the tag library
  • Clarifying tag and tag group terms
  • Creating and importing tag groups
  • Explaining the context menu of a tag
  • Explaining the context menu of a tag group (sorting and other functionalities)

tag library general overview

Hint You can easily open the tag library by the following keyboard combination s t.

Hint: Find out how to change the default tag background and text colors in the settings documentation


The setting of the application can be opened from the button with gear-wheels in the bottom of the left area, as displayed in the following screenshot. Alternatively you can use the main menu View > Settings.

open settings dialog


  • Explaining all the functionalities in the general tab of the settings

Setting tab general

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