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TagSpaces is a open source application for managing of your local files. You can find more information about it on its website For a quick TagSpaces introduction please see this video on youtube.

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Repository Directory Structure

./data...............see the next lines
./data/assets........contains all the css and images used in the application
./data/js............contains the javascript module of the application 
./data/libs..........contains external javascript libraries together with the license they are distributed 
./data/chromium......contains the implementation and API for the Chrome/Chromium/Chrome OS browser extension
./data/cordova ......contains the implementation and API for the Cordova platform (Android and iOS releases) 
./data/electron......contains the implementation and API for the Electron platform (Windows, Linux, OS X releases)
./data/mozilla.......contains the implementation and API of the Firefox Addon release of the application
./data/web...........contains the implementation and API of the WebDAV/ownCloud release of the application
./data/templates.....contains HTML templates needed for the UI
./data/locales.......contains files need for the localisation of the application UI
./data/_locales......contains files need for the localisation of the Chrome extension UI


You can find the latest release of TagSpace in the github release area of TagSpaces

A full list of the changes is available in our changelog


  • File managing & tagging: TagSpaces provides a convenient interface for browsing, viewing and tagging of your local files
  • No-Cloud: TagSpaces is running completely serverless on your laptop, desktop or tablet and does not request internet connection or any kind of online registration or service provider.
  • Note Taking: You can create and edit notes in plain text, markdown and html file formats
  • Cross-platform: TagSpaces runs perfectly on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and as extension in Firefox and Chrome.


Lead TagSpaces Screenshot


The native Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions of TagSpaces are built with Electron. Electron is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js.

How to run TagSpaces from the source code?

Install node.js, npm and git for your platform (e.g. OS X, Windows or Linux).

Install bower package manager

$ npm install -g bower

Get the TagSpaces source code by cloning its repository:

$ git clone

Go to the data folder and install the TagSpaces extensions with bower:

$ cd tagspaces && cd data
$ bower install

Run the native Windows, Linux or Mac OS X application with Electron

  • Install the electron-prebuilt package with this command: npm install -g electron-prebuilt
  • Goto the folder: cd tagspaces/data/
  • Execute one of the following commands electron . or npm start

Run the Chrome/Chromium extension

  • Go to the chrome Settings and then to Extension
  • Enable the Developer mode checkbox in the upper right part of the screen
  • Click on the Load unpacked extension... button
  • Then select the tagspaces/data directory and click Open
  • Activate the Allow access to file URLs check box in the TagSpaces entry, in order to enable the access to your local file system
  • Start the extension by clicking on the TagSpaces icon in the upper right part of Chrome/Chromium

Run the Firefox extension

  • Download and install the Mozilla Addon SDK following this article
  • Start the SDK by executing source bin/activate in the Addon SDK folder
  • Go to the your local tagspaces folder and run the following command, where the -p argument specifies some local firefox profile:
cfx run -p /tmp/mozprofile
  • Start the addon by clicking the TagSpaces icon in the upper right area of Firefox

How to start the WebDAV edition for testing?

There is a script called webdavserver.js located in the data/web , which can be started with:

node data/web/webdavserver.js


npm run webdav

This command will start a local node.js based WebDAV server on Open your browser and enter the following URL:

You will be prompted for user credentials, which are username: demo and password: demo and now you should be able to work with the WebDAV version of TagSpaces.

For setting up the WebDAV version on your server, please read Self-hosted TagSpaces with WebDAV from our blogs.


TagSpaces's source code is licensed under the AGPL (GNU Affero General Public License) Version 3, for the license text see LICENSE file.


TagSpaces is an open source software and as such, the code is publicly available on GitHub, and forking is particularly recommended! Still, contribution must be done following some guidelines.
Contributor License Agreement

The CLA is an agreement commonly used in major open source project, which aims at protecting all parties implied by a contribution : the contributor, the main code author, and above all, the community. The CLA model we have chosen basically tells the following : the contribution’s copyright is shared between the contributor and the main author. This means each party can do whatever she want in term of relicensing with this contributed piece of code. This is important, because, if in the future, the author wants to change the license in something more in favor of the community, a singular contributor cannot block the process.

The Contributor License Agreement can be signed online on the following CLA form.


You can help the translation of this application in your favorite languages by joining the translations teams on Transifex.

Support and Bugs

If you are having trouble using TagSpaces or have found a bug or you have some ideas how TagSpaces could be improved: open a ticket on GitHub.


This files is created and edited in TagSpaces, using the viewerMD and editorText extensions.