Text Editor for TagSpaces

A TagSpaces extension allowing editing of text based documents.


  • Opening and editing of text documents
  • Syntax highlighting for the following file types: h, c, clj, coffee, coldfusion, cpp, cs, css, groovy, haxe, htm, html, java, js, jsm, json, latex, less, ly, ily, lua, markdown, md, mdown","mdwn, mkd, ml, mli, pl, php, powershell, py, rb, scad, scala, scss, sh, sql, svg, textile, txt, xml

Screenshot of the editorText

Markdown preview

This text editor has an extended support for editing markdown files. It offers a preview of the currently edited markdown document and a short markdown syntax documentation. The markdown preview can be started from the menu item Markdown Preview of extensions main menu.

Markdown preview in editorText

Used libraries

This extension thankfully relays on the following great libraries:


This extensions is packaged with any new version of TagSpaces

Source code

The source code of this extension is freely available on github.com/tagspaces/editorText


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide



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