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Text Editor for TagSpaces

A TagSpaces extension allowing editing of text based documents.


  • Opening and editing of text documents
  • Syntax highlighting for the following file types: h, c, clj, coffee, coldfusion, cpp, cs, css, groovy, haxe, htm, html, java, js, jsm, json, latex, less, ly, ily, lua, markdown, md, mdown","mdwn, mkd, ml, mli, pl, php, powershell, py, rb, scad, scala, scss, sh, sql, svg, textile, txt, xml

Screenshot of the editorText

Markdown preview#

This text editor has an extended support for editing markdown files. It offers a preview of the currently edited markdown document and a short markdown syntax documentation. The markdown preview can be started from the menu item Markdown Preview of extensions main menu.

Markdown preview in editorText

Used libraries#

This extension thankfully relays on the following great libraries:


This extensions is packaged with any new version of TagSpaces

Source code#

The source code of this extension is freely available on


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide