Grid Perspective for TagSpaces

A TagSpaces extension allowing you to view your files in a grid with an image preview.


  • Listing the file of the current folder in a grid fomtat.
  • Changing the size if the grids
  • Showing thumbnails image of the file if available.

general screenshot of the grid perspective

File grouping and sorting

These functionalities can be accessed from the following menu entries of the extension's main menu:

  • Sort Files - opens the sorting dialog, where you can sort the files by various criteria such as file name, size, last modified date and other.
  • Group Files - opens the grouping dialog, where you can group the files by their date, month, year. More interesting is the ability to group your files according to their tags from one tag group. The following screenshot shows the grouping by tag group functionality on files, which are tagged with tags from the tag group Priorities.

File grouping in action grid perspective


This extensions is packaged with any new version of TagSpaces

Source code

The source code of this extension is freely available on


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide



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