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HTML Viewer for TagSpaces

A TagSpaces extension allowing opening of HTML files.


Here is a list of the key feutures offered by this extension.

  • Offers different themes for displaying of the documents
  • Zoom in and zoom out capabilities
  • Printing the document
  • Search for text in the current document
  • Reader mode

general screenshot of the html viewer extension


The TagSpaces Firefox and Chrome web clippers are saving the date and time of the clipping and also the url from which the webpage is saved. If this informatation is available in the current HTML file, the menu item Open source URL will be displayed in extension main menu, allowing you to open the URL in a external browser.

Used libraries#

This extension thankfully relays on the following great libraries:


This extensions is packaged with any new version of TagSpaces

Source code#

The source code of this extension is freely available on


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide