Image Viewer for TagSpaces

A TagSpaces extension allowing you to open different kinds of image formats


  • Opening of the following image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP, WEBP, ICO, PSD, TIFF
  • Zooming, flipping and rotating of the current image
  • Different background colors of the viewer for better contrast
  • For JPG files it features an integrated Exif and IPTC reader with auto rotation of photos according to the Exif information
  • Support image printing
  • Grayscale filter

Screenshot of the Image Viewer as running in the Linux version of TagSpaces

Used libraries

This extension thankfully relays on the following great libraries:


This extensions is packaged with any new version of TagSpaces

Source code

The source code of this extension is freely available on


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide



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