TagSpaces Documentation

for version 2.6.0 and later

Status of this document

This documentation has currently a draft status.

General remarks:

  • pro - means that the described feature is part of the TagSpaces PRO
  • ⚒ - means that the section is not ready yet and may contain unclear or not up-to-date information

What is TagSpaces ?

TagSpaces is an open source, cross-platform, no backend, no login, no cloud personal data manager and file navigator. It helps organize your files, photos and other documents with tags on different platforms and/or devices, according to your own preferences and following your own logic, by using the same smart and friendly interface everywhere. Here is a short introducing video showing TagSpaces in action:

Check out the TagSpaces YouTube channel for more TagSpaces related videos.

As a quick introduction you can also take a look on a few slides explaining the basics of the project. To navigate the presentation use the blue arrow keys or click on it and use the arrow key on your keyboard.

Products landscape

  • Desktop version
  • Desktop PRO version
  • Firefox webclipper addon
  • Chrome webclipper and file browser extension
  • Android app lite
  • Android app
  • IOS app (beta)
  • WebDAV based package for selfhosting


Download TagSpaces - Quickly find the appropriate install for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Firefox and Chrome).

Top Extensions



Enhancement of this documentation are welcomed via pull request. For the markdown syntax used for the document please refer to gitbook markdown page

Licensing notes

TagSpaces is an open source software, and the code of the application's core is published under the AGPL License. Almost all build-in extension are published under the MIT license. As such, the code is publicly available on GitHub and forking is particularly recommended.

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