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FolderViz Perspective

The FolderViz Perspective is a collection of experimental views that apply some information visualization concepts for representing files and folders. While the primary aim of this perspective is to showcase TagSpaces' capabilities to developers, some of the options might offer some useful features to the end users.

Gallery Perspective

This perspective offers basic image gallery functionality, like previewing the images from the current folder, a presentation mode in a full screen view.

Grid Perspective

This perspective is optimized for general browsing through file and folder structures while supporting some common file management operations such as: tagging, renaming, deleting, copying and moving of files and folders.

Kanban Perspective

This perspective shows the first five sub folders of the current folder as columns of a Kanban board. Further sub folder can turned on later. The cards in the columns are actually the files of the sub folder and can represent for example tasks. The cards can be moved from one column to another with drag and drop. Moving the cards in a given columns up and down will change to order of the cards which will be persisted. The columns can be also moved with drag and drop.

List Perspective

This perspective is optimized for general browsing through file and folder and performing standard file and folder operations. It features three representation modes: compact, default and large.

Mapique Perspective

This perspective can be useful for visualizing geo-tagged files and folders.

Perspectives Overview

When you navigate to a folder in your active location, the files contained in the selected folder will be displayed on the main file browsing area of the user interface. TagSpaces offers flexible views to display your files. We call these views perspectives.