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Gallery Perspective

This perspective offers basic image gallery functionality, like previewing the images from the current folder, a presentation mode in a full screen view.

Note: This perspective can only be activated in folder which contains images and photos in the following file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG or WEBP.

User interface#

From the main toolbar of this perspective the user can access the following functionalities:

Showing the regular view of the gallery perspective
  • Open previous image - opens the previous image file from the current folder.
  • Open next image - opens the next image file in the current folder.
  • Start/stops presentation mode - toggles on and off the presentation of the images in the current folder, by showing them for 3 seconds. We plan to make this duration configurable in future release.
  • Full screen mode - opens the currently selected file in full screen mode.
  • File properties - clicking this button will open the properties of the current file in the regular area for this purpose.
  • Thumbnail bar modes - clicking this button will toggle through the modes of the thumbnail bar, which are: position on the top, position on the left or hidden. This modes are respected in the full screen mode.
  • Opens perspective's documentation - clicking on the button will open this page.

Note: In full screen mode you can navigate through the file by using the left and right key of the keyboard. On a device with touch screen, the image can be changed with the swipe left and right gestures.