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FolderViz Perspective


The FolderViz Perspective is a collection of experimental views that apply some information visualization concepts for representing files and folders. While the primary aim of this perspective is to showcase TagSpaces' capabilities to developers, some of the options might offer some useful features to the end users.

This perspecitve is currently offering three views, which were accessible from the perspective menu. Hovering on a file or folder will show an overlay with a thumbnail (if available) and some details. Double click on folder will make the app navigate to it. Double click on a file will open in the file preview area.

Tree View

Screenshot of the tree view
Screenshot of the tree view

Radial Tree View

Short movie showing the radial tree visualization

Treemap View

Screenshot of the treemap view
Screenshot of the treemap view

Old views from v2

MindMap View

MindMap will display all folders and subfolders contained within the current directory, in an expandable tree-node format. There are plans to extend this view in the future with an inverted graph of tags so you can navigate your tagged files, with the help of the tag group three instead of the folder tree, and drag and drop files from one branch of tag tree to some other branch, which will automatically re-tag them.

TreeMap View

TreeMap offers a representation of all files and folders, where the size of the squares correspond to file sizes, relative to the root and each other, while the structure of the squares represents folder hierarchy.

Tree View

Tree will display a fully expanded tree, similar to MindMap, only not interactive. It can be useful to visualize folder hierarchy, but this view can have performance issues with large directory structures.

TreeMap-Navi View

TreeMap Navi is just like TreeMap, but without the hierarchy. Here the squares fully use up the available User Interface, allowing for a better visual representation of relative file sizes. This can be useful for finding large files or folders.

Bilevel Partition

Bilevel Partition is the most experimental and least functional of all views, basically a test to push the capabilities of folder and file visualization. While it might produce some interesting looking results, it will most certainly be removed from a future release of TagSpaces.