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Perspectives Overview

When you navigate to a folder in your active location, the files contained in the selected folder will be displayed on the main file browsing area of the user interface. TagSpaces offers flexible views to display your files. We call these views perspectives.

Perspectives are not an integral part of TagSpaces, but exist as modular extensions. This modular approach allows for more flexibility, easier development, and customizability of each separate perspective. TagSpaces is delivered by default with one perspective. Other perspective can be added on demand in the Enterprise version of the product. In this document we will describe the following perspectives:

  • Grid Perspective - presenting files and folders as in a grid, suitable for tagging and file management. It is the default perspective build in TagSpaces.

  • List Perspective - presenting your files as list, suitable for tagging and file management.

  • Gallery Perspective PRO

    - optimized for browsing and viewing images and photos. This extension is available in the Pro and Enterprise packages

  • Mapique Perspective PRO

    - showing geo-tagged files and folders on a map. This extension is available in the Pro and Enterprise packages

  • Kanban Perspective PRO

    - show your files as tasks in a Kanban board, representing the sub folders as columns in the board

  • FolderViz Perspective PRO

    - this is an experimental perspective which applies some information visualization concepts to presenting your folder and file structures.

Switching perspectives

The perspective for the current folder can be switched in two ways. The first and easier one is to user perspective switch located in the bottom right are of the application, as seen in the screenshot bellow.

Changing perspectives for a folder

In some case such as the use of the application on mobile devices the perspective switch is not available. In this case, the folder menu available in the upper right part of the screen, should be opened. In this menu you can choose from the available perspectives, compare the previous screenshot.


Every folder can have its own default perspective, which can be selected in the folder properties area. Once you choose a perspective here, every time you open this folder, it will be opened with selected perspective.

Custom perspective settings per folder


In the PRO version you can assign a default perspective to any folder, so everytime you open this folder it will be automatically displayed with the selected perspective.

Some perspectives support custom settings on per folder level. You can for example set custom sorting, thumbnail mode or limit of the pagination. You can learn more in the perspective settings section.