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TagSpaces Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of the TagSpaces products!

What is TagSpaces ?

TagSpaces is an open source, cross-platform, no backend, no login, file manager, organizer and browser. It helps you organize your files, photos and other documents with tags on different platforms and/or devices, according to your own preferences and following your own logic, by using the same smart and friendly interface everywhere.

Start screen

Key Features

  • Platform independent and future-proof tagging for files and folders
  • Platform independent way for adding descriptions to files and folders
  • Integrated free text and tag search (AND, OR and NOT boolean operators)
  • Integrated viewers for many image, video, audio and document file formats
  • Integrated editors for HTML, text and markdown files
  • Support for user interface themes (e.g. dark mode)
  • Supporting thumbnail preview for many file types


  • TagSpaces follows a no backend and no login philosophy
  • It is not a SaaS but a front-end application, where the files system or the object storage plays the role of a back-end.
  • The application is not Internet dependent, a pure offline use is possible
  • TagSpaces is not saving the meta information in a database -> no vendor locking, no lost information on database crashes or installations on a new computer
  • All the needed information is extracted by the time of use from your files and folders.
  • File system as a database
  • The supported tagging options makes a folder with tagged files self containing all the needed information, which useful by e.g. syncing
  • No database or vendor locking
  • Easy to synchronize between devices, just use TagSpaces with your Dropbox/NextCloud/Google Drive folder
  • Saving the tags in the filename enables you to use the search capabilities of your operating system

Product landscape

Common Use Cases

  • Organizing files and folders
  • Desktop search
  • Note taking
  • Photo management
  • Bookmark management
  • Simple file manager
  • eBook organizer


This short introductory video shows TagSpaces in action:

Youtube channel

We have YouTube channel where publish videos related to the application.

Technology Stack

Front-end of the application is build with these technologies:

  • JavaScript / Typescript / HTML / CSS
  • React / Redux / MUI

Native APIs for file access are based on the following projects:

  • Desktop versions for Windows, macOS and Linux based on Electron
  • Mobile versions for Android based on Cordova
  • Web versions for managing files in object storages based on AWS SDK for JavaScript


This documentation is a work in progress.