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Setup TagSpaces Web on Cloudflare

In this tutorial you will learn how to install TagSpaces Web or TagSpaces Pro Web on a Cloudflare Pages.

Cloudflare is a cloud provider, offering with their Pages product a completely free way for hosting static web pages, with https support and unlimited bandwidth.

Register a free account on Cloudflare

Go to Cloudflare Pages and sign up for a new account.

Install Wrangler 2.0 CLI

Wrangler is command line application offered by Cloudflare for managing the deployments. Install it globally with the following command:

npm install -g wrangler

You will need node.js® on your computer in order to user the npm command. You can get it from here:

Authenticate Wrangler with your Cloudflare account

Open the terminal or command prompt and execute the following command to connect wrangler to your Cloudflare account.

wrangler login

Unzip tagspaces-web package

Extract the content of the TagSpaces Web or TagSpaces Pro Web package to a folder from which you will later manage the deployments and open a terminal / command line prompt there.

Create new deployment

Execute the following command and follow the instruction to create a new Cloudflare deployment.

CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID=YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID_HERE npx wrangler pages publish web

Here web is the folder of the unzipped tagspaces' package.


Replace the YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID_HERE with the account which you will get from Cloudflare.

That's it!

Go to and you should be able to access TagSpaces Web.

Some further optional steps

Setup a sub-domain to the deployment

The needed steps are described in here:

Restrict the access with password

You can follow this tutorial to achieve this:


If you need a solution, where the files are behind a login, you may take a look on TagSpaces Enterprise, where we offer a setup based on AWS services supporting user management, 2FA, automatic indexing and countless customization possibilities.