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Thumbnail Generation

Here we will describe some advanced features of TagSpaces

Generating persistent thumbnails#

When the user opens a directory the application scans it's content and tries to generate mini previews the so called thumbnails automatically.

The free version of TagSpaces supports thumbnail generation only for image files such as JPG or PNG. The PRO version, on the other hand, tries to create thumbnails from the following files format

  • Videos: WEBM, OGV, MP4, M4V
  • Notes: HTML (uses the embedded screenshot, if created with the TagSpaces Web Clipper
  • Text files: TXT, MD, source code files (uses the first lines found in the files)
  • Bookmarks: URL (uses the embedded screenshot, if created with the TagSpaces Web Clipper)
  • Ebooks: EPUB (uses the integrated ebook cover image)
  • Archives: ZIP (uses the first found image in the archive)
  • Portable Documents: PDF
  • Office Documents: ODT, ODP, ODS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX (uses the embedded preview image if available)
Showing generated thumbnails in TagSpaces
Showing generated thumbnails in TagSpaces

The generated thumbnails are persisted in the .ts folder located in every folder you browse. This feature significantly accelerates the browsing of folders containing many files. The thumbnail generation can be activated or deactivated in the application settings.

screenshot showing where to activate the thumbnail generation
Activating the thumbnails generation in the settings

Custom thumbnails for files and folders#

Starting with version 3.2, TagSpaces PRO offers the ability to manually set and change the thumbnail of every file type and folder. The following video show how to set a custom image as a thumbnail to any folder used in TagSpaces.

Adding a custom thumbnail to any kind of file type, can be achieved in a similar manner from the properties section of any file.