Internationalization of the application

The user interface of TagSpaces application was translated so for in 26 languages by volunteers. For the coordination of the translation process we utilize the great service of Transifex. Since TagSpaces is evolving fast, we need support for the translations of the existing languages and of course we are happy to see when new languages are added. If you want to support the translation efforts please create a Transifex account and apply for membership in the TagSpaces project there. The following table lists the languages in which the application is already translated.

ISO Language Language in English
en_US English English
de_DE Deutsch German
it Italiano Italian
zh_CN 中国的 Chinese
bg Български Bulgarian
ja 日本の Japanese
pt_BR Português Brazil
pt_PT Português Portugal
fr Français French
sk_SK Slovenský Slovak
es Español Spanish
uk Український Ukrainian
ru Русский Russian
tr Türk Turkish
cs Čeština Czech
ca Catalan Català
ko 한국의 Korean
el ελληνικά Greek
sv svenska Swedish
nl_NL Nederlands Dutch
zh_TW 台灣 Chinese Taiwan BIG5
hu Magyar Hungarian
id_ID bahasa Indonesia Indonesian
pl Polski Polish
mt Maltese Maltese
hy հայերեն Armenian

The order of the languages represents the order in which the translations were made by the contributors.

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