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Preview and Print Files

The application supports previewing of many file types without the need of external viewer. It comes with the following viewer extensions:

TagSpaces is designed with extensibility in mind so any other kind of file viewers can be easily developed and integrated.

Source code browser and editor The text editor supports source code highlighting for many common programming languages. This in combination with the build in JSON editor makes the application a good source code navigator with basic editing capabilities. The intention here is not to makes TagSpaces your next IDE, but rather to give your quick overview of source code repositories.

Assigning file viewer to file extensions

settings tab file types

Supported file formats

The following table lists the supported files types for viewing and editing of files in TagSpaces.

3D formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
STLyesnono3D Viewer
OBJyesnono3D Viewer
GLByesnono3D Viewer
GLTFyesnono3D Viewer

Image formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
PNGyesyesnoImage Viewer
JPGyesyesnoImage Viewer
SVGyesyesnoImage Viewer
GIFyesyesnoImage Viewer
AVIFyesyesnoImage Viewer
WEBPyesyesnoImage Viewer
BMPyesyesnoImage Viewer
TGAyesyes PROnoImage Viewer
ICOyesyesnoImage Viewer
TIFyesyes PROnoImage Viewer
DNGyesyes PROnoImage Viewer
CR2yesyes PROnoImage Viewer
NEFyesyes PROnoImage Viewer
PSDyesnonoImage Viewer

Documents formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
PDFyesyes PROnoPDF Viewer
MD/MARKDOWNyesnoyesMD Editor, MD Viewer or Text Editor
RTFyesnonoeBook Viewer
HTMLyesyes PROnoHTML Viewer
RTFyesnonoeBook Viewer
DOCXyesyes PROnoDocument Viewer
XLSXyesyes PROnoSpreadsheet Viewer
ODSyesyes PROnoSpreadsheet Viewer
CSVyesnonoSpreadsheet Viewer

Audio / Video formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
WEBMyesyesnoMedia Player
MP4yesyesnoMedia Player
ACCyesnonoMedia Player
FLACyesnonoMedia Player
OGGyesnonoMedia Player
OGVyesnonoMedia Player
OGAyesnonoMedia Player
OGVyesnonoMedia Player
OGXyesnonoMedia Player
SPXyes*nonoMedia Player
OPUSyes*nonoMedia Player
MKVyesnonoMedia Player
3GPyesyesnoMedia Player
3G2yesnonoMedia Player

eBook formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
EPUByesyes PROnoeBook Viewer

Bookmark formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
URLyesyes PROnoURL Viewer
DESKTOPyesnonoURL Viewer
WEBSITEyesnonoURL Viewer

Email formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
EMLyesnonoMHTML Viewer
MSGyesnonoMSG Viewer

Archive formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
ZIPyesyes PROnoArchive Viewer

Text and source code formats

File formatPreviewThumbnailEditExtension
TXTyesnoyesText Editor
XMLyesnoyesText Editor
JSyesnoyesText Editor
JSONyesnoyesJSON Editor
CSSyesnoyesText Editor
HyesnoyesText Editor
CLJyesnoyesText Editor
COFFEEyesnoyesText Editor
CPPyesnoyesText Editor
CSyesnoyesText Editor
GROOVYyesnoyesText Editor
HAXEyesnoyesText Editor
JAVAyesnoyesText Editor
JSMyesnoyesText Editor
LESSyesnoyesText Editor
LUAyesnoyesText Editor
MLyesnoyesText Editor
MLIyesnoyesText Editor
PLyesnoyesText Editor
PHPyesnoyesText Editor
PYyesnoyesText Editor
RByesnoyesText Editor
SHyesnoyesText Editor
SQLyesnoyesText Editor

Printing files

The majority of the viewer extensions has tha ability to print the opened files, thanks to the build in print functionality. In the following short video, you can see how you can start the printing.

printing files