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3D Viewer

A TagSpaces extension for opening 3d file formats. The extension is introduced for first time in version 5.2 of TagSpaces.


  • 3D preview of GLB, GLTF, STL and OBJ files
  • Rotation of the models with mouse dragging
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out,
  • Moving the mouse by hold right click will shift the rotation center of the model,
  • Save screenshot of the current 3D rendering as PNG file
The 3D viewer showing 'Ordinary Behavior 2 - Television' ( by gozdemrl is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

Used libraries

This extension thankfully relays on the following great libraries:


This extensions is packaged with new version of TagSpaces (after version 5.2)

Source code

The source code of this extension is freely available on GitHub


If you want to extend this extensions, please follow our general extension development guide