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Link to files, folders and locations


One long awaited functionality is the ability to create links between files managed in TagSpaces, so you can navigate from one file to another file, folder or location. The description field of any file or folder can contain links to other files, folders or locations. If you are using markdown for your notes you can place the same kind of links in content of the markdown file.

Using file and folder linking functionality in TagSpaces

The context menu of every file and folder in the default perspective now have the menu entry Copy Sharing Link, which will generate the sharing link and copy it to the clipboard. This link can be used for creating links to this file inside TagSpaces.

Context menu of a file containing the 'Copy Sharing Link' functionality

Location IDs


Info you share links between TagSpaces user, you have to make sure that the location in their TagSpaces' installation have the same IDs, otherwise the links will not work. This links will work also on folder synced with services like Dropbox or Syncthing.

The location id can be changed in the locations properties, shown in the next screenshot. On S3 location you have also make sure that the location connects to the same sub folder of the connected bucket.

Changing the location ID

The users of the web versions can directly copy the URL from their browser or using the copy button from the properties area.

Sharing link types in the entry properties
Sharing link types in the entry properties

The advantage of the copying the URL from the browser is the URL can be directly used by the person receiving it to open the same installation in her browser.

If you have received a TagSpaces link (e.g. tslink) in an Email or Chat you can copy it and paste in the search field. Starting the search will open the locaiton, the file or folder to which the tslink is pointing

Open TS-Links from the search box
Open TS-Links from the search box

Under the hood

You can have links to location, file and folders. The links have the following formats:

Link to a location
Sharing link for a file
Sharing link for a folder

In version 5.1 the protocol prefix of the links was changed from ts:? to ts://? for better compatibility. Links created with older version which begin with ts:? are still supported for backwards compatibility.

Technically the links consist of some parameter embedded in the URL.

  • ts://? - indicating that this is a TagSpaces link (tslink)
  • &tslid - is for the TagSpaces' location ID
  • &tsepath - is the encoded relative path the entry
  • &tsdpath - is the encoded relative path to the folder

Currently, renaming a file or a folder to which a given link points will make the link invalid. TagSpaces will still try to open the valid part of the link (e.g. the location).