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Command line tools

This is a set of command line tools which can create search index and thumbnails for folders used in the TagSpaces Desktop and Web apps. The source code for the tools is available on GitHub


npm install -global @tagspaces/shell

Search index generation

This tool will create a search index for a given folder with all its sub folders.

Run node script:

tscmd -m indexer /some/folder/

This command can be used for automation e.g. in CRON jobs.

Thumbnail generation

This script will recursively create thumbnails for a specified folder with all its sub folders.

You have to install sharp package globally with the following command:

npm i sharp -g

Set NODE_PATH environment points to global npm folder:

export NODE_PATH=$(npm root --quiet -g)

Run node script:

tscmd -m thumbgen /some/folder/

This command can be used for automation e.g. in CRON jobs. Don't forget to put the trailing slash after the folder name.

Cleaning obsolete thumbnails and sidecar files.

Running this command will analyse the specified folder:

tscmd -m metacleaner /some/folder

Where -m is for mode, which here is metacleaner. The metacleaner will analyse first the specified folder and deliver a list with files which are not needed or connected anymore. You can review the list and confirm the deletion by setting the -a, which is for analyse with false as parameter. So this command will finally perform the cleaning.

tscmd -m metacleaner -a false /some/folder