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Install TagSpaces Web with Docker

Here you will find information about using TagSpaces Lite Web and TagSpaces Pro Web as Docker containers.

Get Docker

Install Docker for your operating system:

Get the TagSpaces Lite Web Image

You can download the latest available TagSpaces Lite docker image from the or by the following command:

docker pull tagspaces/tagspaces-lite-web

Alternatively: Build Your Own Image

Download TagSpaces Lite Web

For getting the free web version of TagSpaces, go to the download page and click on the

Download TagSpaces Pro Web

For the PRO web version, open the purchase confirmation email and download the web version from there.

Build the image

Download the TagSpaces' Dockerfile from GitHub.

Place the download ZIP of TagSpaces Lite or Pro in the same folder where your TagSpaces' Dockerfile is located, rename it to and run:

docker build -t tagspaces-lite-web:5.4.4 .

The name tagspaces-lite-web after the -t switch can be changed to anything else, for example, if you are building a docker container for the PRO version you can choose tagspaces-pro-web. The version number at the end should correspond the version of TagSpaces in the ZIP file. It is optional but helps if you have many TagSpaces containers.

Run the Image

Once the container is build you can run it with this command:

docker run -dp tagspaces-lite-web:5.4.4

Where 5000 is the port on your local machine which is forwarded to port 80 of the docker container.

Test app in your browser

If everything went well, open your browser and enter localhost:5000 in the URL text field and you should see TagSpaces in your browser.

Add basic auth

The easiest way to secure your TagSpaces installation is to add a basic auth in front of it.

sudo docker cp ./default.conf tagspaces-lite-web:/etc/nginx/conf.d/

Details on how to prepare the default.conf file can be found in the Nginx documentation

Add TagSpaces custom configuration

TagSpaces can be partially configured with an external configuration file. It should be called extconfig.js and placed in the root folder of the application.

sudo docker cp ./extconfig.js tagspaces-lite-web:/usr/share/nginx/html/

Installing SSL certificate from Let's encrypt


SSL certificates are needed for your TagSpaces installation and for the object storage service (e.g. Minio, Zenko)

A very good tutorial for Ubuntu and Apache is this one: How to Set up Let's Encrypt on an Intranet Website

Renew the SSL certificate